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Although originally American, five generations of my family have lived in six countries in Asia since the time my great grandmother first arrived in China in 1884.   I have lived in Asia for more than half of my life and am now based in both Singapore and India.  I speak passable Mandarin Chinese and decent Hindi and have a deep love for India, especially.

I've spent the majority of the past 30 years shooting commercial photography and video projects for high profile international clients.  My commercial portfolio can be seen at www.motionpictures.asia.

My recent experiments with printing my most personal images has helped to rekindle my original love for the craft.  The excitement I get watching an image come out of our large format printers reminds me of the excitement of seeing a print appear in the darkroom so many years ago.

In making my work available to a wider audience through these fine art prints, it is my hope that this excitement will spread - both the excitement for photography as a craft and for Asia as a great location in which to practice it.

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